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[IP] D-Tron Order - part 2

Okay - I called Disetronic and got the scoop on how much all of this is
going to cost.  

What are all of the short cuts people use to cut down on the cost of this
new insulin pump?

This is the cost break down:  (Please correct me if I'm wrong)  

D-Tron Pump  5495.00
D-TRON Adapter (10/pk)    $59.50 x 2.5  = 148.75    (x 2.5 equal the same
number of cartridges)  
 D-TRON Waterproof Power Pack    $18.00  (web site doesn't say how many -
so, I'm assuming 1)  
Cartridges (not on web site) 5 per box 37.50  x 5 = 187.50 (x5 equal
glass cartridges)  
Cartridges to fill other cartridges 
3.15 ml Cartridge (Glass) (25 per box)    $82.00  
Total of 5931.00

H-Tron 4995.00
3.15 ml Cartridge (Glass) (25 per box)    $82.00  
3V Silver Oxide Custom Power Packs (2/pk) $15.80

total cost of 5093.00

I tried to compare apples to apples here.  

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