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Re: [IP] H-tron Problem

Hey everybody,,

  I think this has gotten a little out of control.  What I am seeing about 
the Dis H-Tron warning is  that apparently there have been quite a few 
incidences of people cranking down either too hard on the batteries or have 
banged or dropped the pumps a few times too many or whaterever and because of 
this have actually managed to crack the case which will, in fact, render it 
no longer waterproof.  When my son started on this pump 1.5 years ago we were 
even told to be careful using our fingernails on the rubber coverings over 
the buttons because if those get pokes or cracked it would no longer be 
waterproof.  So, if you are like us and TRY and be careful and follow these 
guidelines to the best of  your ability then you should NOT have any 
problems.  This is probably just a reminder, in the form of a warning to once 
again remind these users to NOT crank down too hard on the batteries and to 
be careful to follow the guidelines that came with the pumps about how to 
maintain its water tightness!  We are NOT going to panick over this situation 
as it appears that some people are doing.  This is just a warning...BE 
CAREFULL!!!  That is all!  My son is EXTREMELY happy with his H-Tron and he 
is only 9.....how careful can a 9 year old be?!!!!  And we have NO PROBLEMS!!

Good Luck to all and  Happy Pumping!!

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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