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Re: [IP] Type 1.5?

> You may want to look up the term MODY maturity onset diabetes of the
> another term for type 1.5.  Often misdiagnosed as type 1.

I am a MODY diabetic. I was always very thin and active, but still got
adult-onset form D when I was 11.  I was treated and thought of as a type 1
for 2 years then they tried oral hypoglycemic agents ands they worked...for
14 years. Now I'm classified as a Type 1 becuase I am completely insulin
dependent, despite having a C-Peptide of 0.7. Some diabetics defy the neat
little boxes of Types. Some have only slightly low C-Peptides but cannot use
any of the insulin they make. I don't tolerate my own insulin, it's
defective somehow. According to my endo, it is caused by a defect in the
12th chromosome and is genetic. The more common form of MODY (the one
considered the epidemic amongst youth) is obesity related however and is
more common in certain ethnic groups.

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