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[IP] Upgrade question

 SNIP>>>>>Also, if anyone who can tell me how they like the 508 or how it
compares to a 
507 (if that's what they had before) that would be great.

Thanks, Linda<<<<<<<SNIP

Hi Linda, 
I just made that switch from 507 to 508 Last November.  The only real
difference I can detect is that the 508 has a remote device which you may
use to activate and deliver from a distance of about 1 foot (which is only
useful to me when my pump is in the top of my pantyhose).   Everything else
seems the same.  Nothing much new to learn.  A few new tricks, but I haven't
utilized them.  I just went on pumping, never missing a day.  Mini Med
handled all the upgrade/insurance/paperwork and since I had met my
deductible and out of pocket expenses, it never cost me a cent...happy
pumper that I am. 

Call your rep or MM and they can give you detailed differences in the pumps.

Bonnie Richardson
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