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[IP] H-tron Problem

In a message dated 3/15/2001 8:39:14 PM Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Well, I'm not overreacting. For seven years I've been swimming successfully
>  with my H-Tron. I was fortunate to be instructed well in its use and how to
>  NOT over tighten the batteries. <snip>
>  I have never had that problem and will continue to swim with mine on. The
>  whole point of Disetronic's feature I got them for was the waterproofing.
What concerned me about the H-tron info on the Dis. site was them telling 
people that they should all immediately discontinue using their H-tron in the 
water (even the shower) and (if I read it correctly in the FAQ) if you DID 
continue to use your H-tron in the water (swimming, showering, etc.) that 
would VOID THE WARRANTY . . .  

If I was an H-tron owner I would be VERY upset that the pump I'd bought was 
no longer considered a waterproof pump (an important issue to us, as we're in 
the process of choosing a pump for our daughter) . . . 

So, DID I READ THAT RIGHT?  Are the H-trons now to be considered a non-water 
proof pump and that using them in the water will void the warranty?

(whose family had all decided on an H-tron but are now rethinking that choice)
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