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Amie [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

>        I know that they say you can't fly if you have 
> diabetes BUT thee have 
> been pilots that are now diabetic.  You just can't fly a 
> small one pilot 
> plane.  So there must be a way to get what you need back. 
> please let me know if you get it, I am so tired of pwople 
> telling me that 
> since i have diabetes my life has to stop.  So i am 100% behind you.  

The rules have been changed for Type 1 diabetics.  It's not a blanket
restriction.  IIRC, a diabetic seeking a license must demonstrate good
control with no hypo episodes for a specific period of time (1 year?).
While flying (piloting), s/he must test every two hours and before takeoff
and landing, and at no time may BG be below 100.  And it isn't restricted to
multiple pilot aircraft.  Diabetes Forecast had a cover article about this
two or three years ago.

I've not heard of any rule changes for Type 2 diabetics: those are reviewed
on a case by case basis.

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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