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[IP] MM 508

Clear DayDear Linda,
I have switched from the 507C to the 508 in September and love the 508!  =
Not that I did not love the 507C but the 508 has three different basal =
patterns which I use.
I was using the temp basal rate when I was at work, but since I work at =
a grocery store, a lot of the time I did not hear the alarm sounding for =
me to change the rates from one rate to another.
With the 508 I just switched patterns, from Standard(at home rate) =
Pattern A(work rate) and yes Pattern B(PMS rate).  It is so much easier =
for me and I have had less lows not having to remember to change the =
rates.  But you have to change the rates back, like when I get home from =
work I change back from pattern A one hour after I get home from work =
and I change to pattern A one hour before I go to work.
It also has a low resouvir alarm, so when you are getting real low it =
will sound.
Hope you like the 508!
dx'd 3.12.85
pumping 4.20.99

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