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[IP] Pump Anniversaries

email @ redacted wrote:

>    Five years ago today, my now 18 yr old daughter traded in 3 1/2 years of
> MDI for her grey Minimed 506 pump. 

Congratulations to Melissa!!!

Erica the Canadian Butterfly and I share an official pump anniversary
this Saturday -- mine is 2 years, and I THINK Erica's is the same. 

I got to thinking -- I was diagnosed 8 1/2 years ago; went on insulin 7
years ago, and the pump 2 years ago. Boy, have I learned a lot in that
time, and my health has improved SO much!!

What I'm MOST grateful for is not the pump per se, but the chance to
learn and be empowered to take control of my own diabetes. Which is the
gift of the internet and this list. 

I see so many people who just sit and let the docs tell them that LOUSY
BGs are really OK, and they don't have to test more than once or twice a
week, and then watch them get complications which MIGHT have been
preventable with tight BG control and I feel so bad for them, and so
lucky that *I* was not left in that situation. 

Of course, most of the reason that I took control for myself and stopped
listening to lackadaisical docs is because I learned that there ARE
diabetics out there who were carb counting and adjusting their own
insulin, and not just passively waiting to go blind and crippled and

So I feel like saying happy pump anniversary to YOU who helped me and
brought me to this place!!!!

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