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[IP] Pump Dreams

I have not once dreamed of the pump since GETTING it, but before I got
mine, I had several very detailed dreams about pumping, including one
that was about a pump custom-installed in the car, with the car battery
powering it -- you plugged in when you got into the car through a
fixture something like the cigarette lighter, but up where the sunvisor
is. I remember driving to San Francisco VERY fast. 

It doesn't have to make sense, does it?????

The other dream I remember is that I visited a colony of recovering
alcoholics, and all of them had pumps. I kept wandering around looking
for MY pump, but no one would give me one, or even speak to me. 

I'm not sure what the interpretation of these dreams is, other than that
I wanted the pump VERY much, and for a long time didn't believe there
was any possibility of getting one. 

Perhaps the car dream is about empowerment -- a subject dear to my
heart, concerning ALL diabetics!! 

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