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[IP] Question about infections on pump

Hi All
Last weekend I had an infection that came on fast and wild. Dr 
thinks was either a pelvic or bladder infection and not unusual 
since I miscarryed two weeks ago. 

But my question comes from how quickly the blood sugars shot up 
and stayed up and how quickly I started having ketones. I know 
that when there is a problem with say a site that on the pump you 
can quickly have ketones with higher numbers. Does this hold true 
with high numbers from an infection. 

On MDI when I would get an infection the numbers would creep up 
over a couple of days and it would take a day or two for ketones to 
creep up too. But with this infection I literally saw the numbers 
raise to above 400 in hours and the ketones were high in less then 
a day. It took over a 120 units of Humolog over a 24 hour period 
just to keep them just under 400. It was like this for 2 days. Once 
the high fever broke and the two antibodtics kicked in both bs and 
ketones quickly got back to normal.

Talk to Dr today and because we are still trying to get pregnant 
(now going to infertility center to get help in holding onto a 
prgenancy) he said obviously if I was pregnant he would have 
hospitialized me st the first sign of high numbers and we would 
have been very aggressive in bringing and keeping the numbers 
down. But it still scare me how quickly they shot up. Does this 
happen all the time or with everyone because the control is so 
must tighter?
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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