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Congratulations Maureen,
    I'm sure baby Gillian is just lovely.  Most babies don't sleep well, my 
first didn't sleep through the night till he was 7 years old!!   I'm glad 
that I didn't know that at the time.  
    Re: yeast infections.  Little Gillian probably also has thrush in her 
mouth.  But it doesn't have to be so, she may not show any signs of it.    
Thrush can be quite persistent and will be transmitted back and forth between 
you and her as you feed her.   One thing I used to treat this condition was 
Gentian Violet.  Its an old remedy, I believe the lactation consultant told 
me about it.  It is a very dark, purple liquid and you can just paint a bit 
of it (using a cotton puff) onto your nipples.  That way the baby gets 
treated at the same time.  My little guy's thrush took ages to clear up (his 
lips were purple in photographs for ages), though I don't remember having my 
nipples infected, but maybe I just can't remember. 
    Gentian Violet is available for purchase from pharmacies and is very 
cheap.  You can ask a lactation consultant for advice, its unlikely that 
doctors would know about it.  They will more likely give Nystatin of some 
sort to paint in the baby's mouth--I found that quite useless.   What is the 
medication they have you on for it?  Is it some sort of anti-fungal?? 
I would really try the traditional remedy first.
Best Wishes,

Barbara, Mum of Claire 6, hoping to be pumping soon
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