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[IP] Re: [IPn] Important safety information H-TRON or H-TRONplus used in water

The cases crack due to users overtightening the battery caps.  The case on
my Plus broke after I overtightened it for more than two years.  The caps
need to be tightened only til the cap is JUST below the rim of the case.  I
tighten a little, then test it by running my fingernail to the edge of the
cap.  I tighten only until the rim just stops my fingernail.  Then I stop
tightening it.

I swim with my D, and noticed water inside.  They diagnosed the crack and
instructed me how to install the batteries.  They also replaced my pump with
a new one for $250.

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From: Michael <email @ redacted>
Date: Thursday, March 15, 2001 7:59 PM
Subject: [IPn] Important safety information H-TRON or H-TRONplus used in

>Basically the letter says that they've received some pumps back that
>have cracked cases and which leaked when immersed in water. This has
>apparently led to a few cases of overdelivery while swimming.
>Disetronic is advising pump owners not to swim with their pumps on to
>avoid the possibility of this happening.
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