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Re: [IP] surgery

> HI !
> I had gallbladder surgery about 5 weeks ago and I am
> having a TERRIBLE time getting under control.......
> HIGHS then LOWS, then back again.
> I am so tired all the time too !
> Wish I had a solution!

Before Lily switched to mixing insulins (I'm not suggesting that), 
she had a couple of months of very difficult control. We switched to 
Velosulin for a month and it was very easy to get control and set up 
her basals. Everything remained stable when she switched back to the 
H/V mix -- no change in bolus or basal settings, just the timing. It 
appears this was easier because the V took so much longer to act than 
the H. You might want to discuss this option with your doc as a short 
term solution until things stabalize.

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