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[IP] Re: low carb (how much to bolus)

Regarding how much to bolus for protein, on p 233 
(of my book, I imagine yours is the same), Bernstein 
does discuss it briefly.  He says 1u Regular typically
covers 1.5 oz protein.  For me (YMMV), 1u of Humalog 
tends to cover 2-3oz of protein, depending on what type 
it is.  For me, fish requires the least, then chicken, 
turkey, pork and beef. For example, I can cover fish 
with 1u H to 4oz.  Beef however requires the most for me, 
with 1u H covering about 1.5 or 2oz depending on how 
fatty it is.  He suggests underestimating your boluses at 
first, then recording your observations and adjusting
up and down as necessary.  Fat doesn't really extra 
insulin, it just can slow down the digestion of your
other food.  

Bryan Rapp
Type 1 (DX'd 8/92)
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