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[IP] Re: low carb

I've been following a slightly modified Bernstein plan for
the past 3 months with a lot of success.  My a1c in Nov was
9.9, and since being on it shortly after that, it was a 5.9
in Feb (without any major lows).  That's the best I've ever 
done.  I also lost 10 lbs and lowered my blood pressure.

You're right that it is very restrictive as he dictates it in 
the book.  I say modified because I still use humalog (and
not regular) the majority of the time, and I do occasionally
have some extra carbs (usually corn, I think that's my personal

I don't have a pump yet (still waiting for everything to go 
through), but I think that will help me tweak things even more.  
Most of the time, with lean meats and fish, humalog matches
what I'm eating pretty well.  I would use a sqaure or extended
bolus if eating large amounts of protein/fat (8oz seems to be
my limit before I'd need it), but its something you have to
experiment with a little.  Being low-carb, my bolus usage is
50-60% less.  I would use 30 or more units for my daily meals,
and now I normally only use 10-15.  

So, I'm happy, I've had good results with it, but its not for

Bryan Rapp
Type 1 (DX'd 8/92)
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