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[IP] Re: Darrin's dreams

>>>> Mine are all anxiety related.  As I said, I am 100% happy w/ the pump
no problems and nothing but better and better bg's and A1c's!  Still, I
about it constantly.  I guess it has been the primary focus of my life ove
rhte last three months.  Still - each night! >>>>

Here proof that moms of pumpers dream too:

So I dreamed that I was on the pump and I went shopping at Lord and Taylor
which, strangely enough, was located on my college campus. When I got home
that night I realized I had disconnected the pump while trying on clothes
and left it in the dressing room. It was too late to calls so I waited until
morning and then went to find out about it. I went to see a manager and
asked her if they had found a pump. She said, "Oh yes, quite a few!" and
took me into a room and pointed on her desk where there were three circa
1980 pumps (about the size of a backpack) and said, "Which one is yours?" I
was like "NONE!" and I ran out and ran home.

I asked a friend who has a child on the pump to tell me what that dream
meant and her response was sage. She said, "It means you are a fruitcake!"

Mom of Lauren the pumper
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