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[IP] step, stepper, solenoid and dc motors

Ok, curiosity has gotten the better of me (good thing
I'm not a cat) but I just have to ask, doesn't the
D-Tron use a stepper motor?  And if what the person
said below is correct, then what kind of motor does
the D-Tron have...I thought it used a stepper motor
but the person said only Minimed uses Stepper motors. 
Also, the D-Tron does not seem to click.  Meanwhile, I
thought Minimed used a solenoid motor so is a solenoid
motor the same as a stepper motor and is the D-Tron
stepper motor also a DC motor since it doesn't click
and because "only Minimed uses stepper motors"?

Finally, someone said that the new Paradigm uses a
single infusion set because it's water proof but
H-Tron, Animas, and D-Tron are all water proof and use
multiple sets so I'm not sure how that answered the

<The MM line uses Step motors, even the new one.
<All other pumps on the market uses a normal DC motor
<(That is one 
<that other MFG's MUST make
<their units waterproof!

<The DC motor delivers insulin quicker than a step

<I use a MM508 - but have no vested interest in the MM
<company vs other
<pump companies.
<Compentition is in the best interest of the consumer
- <all products 
<good and bad points.


<Dx  10/2000
<Pump MM508  2/2001

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