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[IP] flustered (bit long)

I'll try to keep this short but its been one of those days. I had a dentist
appointment scheduled for I thought 11. this morning but noooooo, that was
mistake #1. They called at 9. saying where are you so I jumped out of the
shower with my husband telling me to hurry.  We made it there (wet hair and
all) in about 15 minutes.  Husband went in first so I could do the
paperwork. As I was sitting there, I reached down to check the time (on my
pump) and PANIC!!!! NO PUMP!  Now I already messed up once with the timing
on the appt. and do you think I have the nerve to tell hubby that my pump is
on the bathroom sink???? No....  So we finish at the dentist (not really
finish I have to go back for 7 fillings) (crying loudly here)  and in the
car hubby says "lets go out to lunch"  My panic has got my heart pounding so
bad by now that I just want to say "Get me home" but I made up an excuse
like the dog MUST have to go out.  I run into the house and my pump is
alarming like crazy (dont know how he didnt hear it).  So my pump is where
it should be now and I do a sugar and its 124.  Not to bad.  Couldnt barely
eat lunch cause my nerves got me going but did manage a taco and an apple
and then by 2pm my bg is 265!  Rebound?   Anyway this is just one of the
many things that went wrong today. Im sure you dont want to hear the rest.
Its one of those days where I should have just stayed in bed!!!  Thanks for
listening, I feel better now that this is out and BTW, I did finally confess
to hubby why I had to come home right away and he didnt get lunch out.
Timing is everything because no bombs went off when I told him.
Pump Huggsss........Dauna (who still has to go back to THAT
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