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[IP] Re: low carbs

In a message dated 3/15/01 10:30:13 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I was wondering if anyone has followed this Dr. Bernstein's diet or any low 
> carb diet with any success. I have Dr. Bernsteins book, it seems very 
> restrictive.  My other question is do you use the dual wave bolus when your 
> meal will have alot of fat content or if the size of the meal is large?  If 
> you went on a low carb diet would you always use a dual wave?  Thanks.
> Geneece
> pumping 7/00
> email @ redacted

Hi Geneece,
  I had to reply to this.  A couple of years ago I started going to the gym.  
Wanted to lose 30 pounds.  I lost 5 after a whole year of working out at the 
gym.  Mind you I did not change my diet.  Oh I should say I am not the 
Diabetic my 10 year old (today she is 10) is the diabetic.  And one day I 
thought you know I count her carbs I should be counting my own.  Well, I was 
eating alot of carbs.  No wonder I could not lose weight.  So I just cut them 
in half.  In one year I lost almost 40 pounds.  So I have to tell you cutting 
down on the carbs really helped me lose weight.  I have also been doing tai 
bo in my living room which I am sure helped alot too.   Good luck.
  Kim...........Mom of Ashley 10 years old(diabetic for 5 years & not pumping 
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