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[IP] Pump Motors

> Carl, 
>    What is a DC motor? Like I said, I'm not a pumper yet so I don't
>    know all 
> the lingo. I'm learning tho!

A DC motor is a motor to which you apply power (like power from a 
battery) and then the motor runs (or turns).

your next question is probably "what is a stepper motor"

A stepper moter is one to which you apply power and it moves a small 
precise increment then stops (even with the power still applied). You 
must remove the power and apply it once again to get the motor to 
move another increment.

Michael - you are absolutely correct.

I would add - 
The DC motor does not make a "click"
The DC motor has the POSSIBILITY - though not likely - to run-on, that
is to over deliver
insulin under abnormal conditions - static elec., short, water, etc.
The Step motor is almost impossible, by design, to run-on. It can Stop
and not work, but will not

The MM line uses Step motors, even the new one.
All other pumps on the market uses a normal DC motor (That is one reason
that other MFG's MUST make
their units waterproof!

The DC motor delivers insulin quicker than a step motor.

I use a MM508 - but have no vested interest in the MM company vs other
pump companies.
Compentition is in the best interest of the consumer - all products have
good and bad points.


Dx  10/2000
Pump MM508  2/2001
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