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Re: [IP] Protein Shakes

Elizabeth wrote:
<<All I know is what my Nephrologist told me. He said protein
turns to ammonia in your body and your kidneys have to 
process that. (Answers why cat's urine smells like ammonia,
their diet is mainly fish). He said that if you have kidney damage, 
which a lot of diabetics do, they need to cut down on their 
protein intake and eat more fish and chicken.>>

I'm a little confused by this. Fish and chicken have as much
protein as other kinds of meat. They tend to have less fat,
though -- do you think that your doctor was suggesting both
that you eat less protein, and that you eat lower-fat forms of 

(Sheesh, ever thought that when you have diabetes, there are
no innocent foods????)

On a somewhat related note, I've heard that animal proteins
are harder on the kidneys than vegetable proteins (like soy
proteins and the proteins found in other legumes and grains).
Does anybody know if there's any truth to this?

/Janet L.
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