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Re: [IP] Some news about the Paradigm

    I agree with you about the temp of the water changing the pot. of the 
insulin!! My doc has always stressed that to me, especially living down here 
in South Florida.  It gets sooooo hot and muggy down here and my doc said IF 
I can, leave my insulin at home so I won't mess it up!!  I guess I need to 
shop around a bit more to really look at what the other pumps offer. My doc 
TOLD me I'm going on the 508 but never said I could pick a different one. 
Well, I know a lot of people are happy with the 508 but I still think I'm 
going to look at some others.
Thanks for informing me of what Josh does!! I keep learning more and more as 
the days go on. I appreciate all of your help!
All my best, 
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