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In a message dated 3/14/01 8:56:03 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Crystal, 
>      YES!!! All teenage girls (that I've known and it's been quite a lot of 
> them too) go through some kind of identity crisis.  I remember when my 
> sister 
> and I went through our teens and my poor Mom was practically pulling her 
> hair 
> out!!!! Don't take it personally, just be firm and remind her that you love 
> her (which I'm sure you do) and tune her out (or at least try to) when she 
> gets nasty with you.  It doesn't last forever, and one day (just like I 
> did) 
> she'll come around and thank you for putting up with her and all her 
> nastiness.  She loves you, but she's trying to find out who she is and as I 
> know very well, when you're a teen girl, life seems so unfair, but when you 
> add being diabetic to it ... wow, sometimes you feel like your world is 
> falling apart.  Just keep your head up and things will get better. :o)~
> All my best, 
> Elizabeth

Crystal I want to agree with Elizabeth.  I truely believe that teenage girls 
are harder than teenage boys.  I know I gave my Mom such a horrible time when 
I was a teenager.  It is a miracle she made it through with her sanity.  By 
the time I turned 18 we were best friends though.  You just have to hang in 
there.  I am sure it is even harder when that teenage girl is a diabetic.  So 
many more things for her to worry about.  My son Sean will be 17 next week.  
He has been so easy.  We have a wonderful relationship & I am so thankful for 
that.  Now my Ashley will be a completely different story.  She is 10 years 
old today & I know it is all beginning:-)
She already has an attitude & I am in for a major ride with her.  I just plan 
on keeping our relationship as easy going as possible.  While still being a 
parent of course!!!  
I just wanted to let you know that you can always pmail me if you need to 
email @ redacted
Big hugs
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