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[IP] Here comes Sara Smarty Pants

hi kids

i haven't written in a while but I wanted to say hello to everyone...on my 
latest travels I got to meet up with four IPers....Pommy Pommy Jenny, 
Michelle Piper, and Julie S in California, and Fran B in Phoenix...are YOU 

I am in Jacksonville, FL today through Sunday, then going to Tampa....if you 
dare...please email me directly as I check IP much less frequently these 
days...nothing personal, just that I hardly have time to test my BLOOD, let 
alone read email  I will also be going ot Richmond, VA the weekend of March 
28th, so....lemme know if you wanna do coffee or something

Just to update anyone who cares...I just had a foollowup for my vitrectomy 
last May and my god-doctor said "the sad thing about doing a good job with 
surgery is that you lose track of your patients...now get outta here and 
don't come back for six months..."  i take that to mean, my eye is doing 
good...from my perspective it is.  My daily numbers could use a kick in the 
butt, but what's new...AND I am  using the new Freestyle meter and love 
it...though I have multiple bruises on my arms and legs from the 
pokie....anyone want a BRAND NEW profile, still in the box??  it goes to the 
first person who wants it...

Welcome to all the newbies, and to the long timers....boy I have missed you 

Sara Smarty Pants
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