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Re: [IP] QUE: Is it normal to dream about pumping each night?

On 14 Mar 2001, at 12:54, Darrin Parker wrote:

> Is it normal to dream about pumping each night?

I don't recall my dreams most nights, but I tend to have at least 
one dream about whatever I'm obsessing on.  

So yeah, in the past year I've had many diabetes dreams, including 
a few pumping ones.

Can't recall much about them.  Just vague snapshots in my mind 

One time, I found a bug in one of my programs that saved the 
company enormous amounts of trouble.  I got in trouble of course.  
Cuz of the bug.  No acknowledgement of the fact that I'd asked 
NOT to be assigned that task (it was over my head, I was still a 
junior programmer), nor that I'd had THREE senior programmers 
comb through that exact section of code several times (including 
the boss), nor that I didn't try to hide the fact of the bug.  They 
almost fired me.  <rolls eyes>  well, that's off topic I guess.

Yes.  I've had many diabetes dreams.  None that found the cure 
though... that I can recall anyway!  dangit.
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