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[IP] Three Month pumper

I have been on the MiniMed 508  since 1-5-01. I really like it except I
am having problems finding good sites. Tonight  when I changed  site
my  bs went to 282. So I gave myself a shot of  15 U of humalog. An hour
later only down to 263. I changed site to see if it gets better. I have
so much  scare tissue from several surgeries and stretch marks ,also
hard places from years of shots. Anyone with suggestions?
My A1c has greatly lowered. I still use a lot of insulin 109.2 units a
day. What is a split bolus? I was set up with 2.8 basal 24 hour and
12-12- 12- bolus before each meal and 15  bolus if over 150 bs. Any
information  I would appreciate. Of course I check with my diabetic
educator.   I am having surgery in a couple weeks and not sure what to
do with pump. I hope they tell me right. Still learning. It is a lot
better than 3-4 shots a day and having highs and lows.  grateful for the
pump  shirley : )
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