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Re: [IP] Poll: Do you bolus before, during or after meals?

> Subject: [IP] Poll: Do you bolus before, during or after meals?
> From: Bonnie Stone <email @ redacted> 
> It is my purely unscientific and subjective observation that
> bolusing
> during or after a meal gives better post meal blood glucose's than
> doing a premeal bolus.  This makes sense,  when you consider than a
> person who does not have diabetes, does not get that burst of
> insulin until (Snip)
> What I have learned though if bolusing after meals. Then your
> insulin has to play catch up with your blood sugars. causing higher
> post meal readings.

The pancreas dumps insulin into the blood stream just as it enters 
the liver. The insulin is useable IMMEDIATELY.

Insulin delivered by shots or CSII is placed in the subcutaneous 
fat/skin layer. The absorption time of the insulin is the time it 
takes it to diffuse through the sub-cu layer into the blood stream 
where most is delivered to the cells of the body and about 5% (maybe) 
is delivered to the liver. The diffusion rate is grossly regulated by 
the insulin structure (i.e. humalog) and the buffer solution of the 
insulin. Just to make it clear, if the insulin were delivered IV (do 
not do this!!!) it would be available within minutes, even if it were 
N or Lente.

Receiving insulin via shots or CSII does not even closely resemble 
the way the body receives it when it is produced by a normally 
functioning pancreas --- not even close. The only two ways that are 
close are IV insulin (not real close) and insulin delivered into the 
portal vein, which is a very good mimic of natural delivery.

Some of you medical professionals out there may want to elaborate on 
this or  correct my generalizations.

email @ redacted
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