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[IP] Some news about the Paradigm

OK, I JUST got off the phone with my Minimed rep, Jeannine.... I told her 
that a LOT of us had some serious concerns about the pump.  She said she'd 
answer any question I had so ... this is what she told me...
1. She stressed that they have not release the pump out on the market because 
they are 'tweaking' it a bit. (So maybe some of the concerns we all have will 
be fixed.)

2. She said the reason for the proprietary insertion set is because of it 
being waterproof. Jeannine said that if you use a different set, the tubing 
might not be the right size and water will leak in.

3. She also stressed that they ARE NOT calling it the 511, it is the 
Paradigm. And that's it.

4. She told me also to NOT listen to 'rumors' on the net. Hmmm....didn't a 
lot of us READ what we learned???

5. The batteries are either AA or AAA. 

I apologize in advance IF I am repeating anyone's previous post. Sometimes I 
get so bogged up with email that I miss a couple.

So, can someone tell me the other concerns? I would really like to get a 
waterproof pump because I love swimming and I'm scheduled to get my very 
first pump soon and it's going to be the 508.  I already downloaded the 
coupon. But if there are other problems, I don't even want to send that in. 
You all know s LOT more than I do so I really respect your opinions! 

dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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