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[IP] Warning for Disetronic HTron users

Today my Disetronic pump stopped because the technical inspection is now
due. I was expecting this. BUT, what I consider dangerous is that it stopped
in the middle of my lunch bolus and I had no idea how many units I had
gotten. All of the warning alarms in the last month and a half happened on
the hour, usually 12 noon. Why did it choose to stop at 12:39 pm now? Once
this alarm stops the pump there is no way of checking bolus amounts. What
fun it was to eat lunch while setting up my other pump to use. And I've
spent the afternoon testing and correcting. So, while I was prepared for
this to happen, I am disappointed that after establishing a pattern of
warnings, it was not carried through to the end which would have allowed me
to safely make this change. Just wanted other Disetronic HTron users to be
aware of this when that time approaches.

Laura Lillie
pumping since 9/96
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