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Re: [IP] QUE: Is it normal to dream about pumping each night?

The timing on this question is totally weird. Just two nights ago I dreamt
that I was in a motel of a certain nature (if you get my drift here) in a
strange city in the middle of a blizzard. How I got there wasn't part of the
dream. I was in this really ghastly room and was interrupted in the midst of a
site change, hands full of tubing, pump and someone else's too small shoes. I
was hustled out of that room and found myself in another room with a seedy
kind of man who "knew all about pumps" and "Let me help you with that." The
next thing I know is that I realize he's attempting to hook me up to an IV
that has nothing to do with my pump. And I was having great difficulty in
telling him to stop.

Fortunately the alarm went off about then. Looking back on it, I realize that
I was low in the dream and exhibiting all of the confused thinking that goes
along with it. My real time BG was fine, so that wasn't the cause of the

This was my first pump dream, and I surely do hope it's my last. Virtual lows
are every bit as uncomfortable as real ones.

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