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Re: [IP] just a quick question

     I remember when I was younger something similar happening to me. I had 
an insulin reaction and just a couple hours later, I was in DKA. However, I 
was the culprit behind my problem.  Because I had such a bad insulin 
reaction, I over compensated and threw myself completely the other way.  My 
Mom brought me into the emergency room and the doctor there berated me and 
said that I needed to be more responsible because he thought I had wasted his 
time.  Well, let me tell you....that was the WRONG thing to say to me in 
front of my Mom!!! She didn't take lightly to him telling me that. She spun 
around and said, "Look you jerk, this IS a medical emergency and IF you don't 
like it TOO BAD! She didn't do this on purpose, she was scared and felt like 
if she didn't eat what she had, that she'd PASS OUT! Then what?" I'll never 
forget that. I was feeling so crappy but yet, that made me giggle! She was 
right, he didn't have any business saying that. I was only 12 years old and 
back then not having the privilege of having a blood meter you really didn't 
know how low your blood really was and lots of people ended up over 
compensating for low sugar levels. 
    So, what you might want to know is 1. If she had a low like she did, did 
she over compensate? And if not, 2. If she's getting a virus? That can always 
throw your sugars out of whack. I'm not sure of what other reasons she could 
end up in such a high like that but if it's not either of the two, you might 
want to check with her doctor. Just as a precaution to  make sure it doesn't 
happen again.
       I hope she's feeling better. 
Take care, 

dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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