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[IP] Need New Disetronic Pump - Advice wanted

I'm looking at ordering a new insulin pump.  I currently own a Disetronic
HTron V100 - this pump will be six this April.  Time for a upgrade! 
Sorry I don't want a MiniMed pump - the Disetronic is a better fit with
my lifestyle.  

Okay - I see 2 possibilities in the Disetronic Pump the new  D-TRON or
the H-TRON plus.  For those of you who picked the D-Tron over the H-Tron
I was wondering why?  I did read a post where one person said the D-Tron
is waterproof without the red thingy.  (how's that for a technical term) 
this is a added bonus since i use the rapid infusion sets.  

I'm sure this topic has come up a hundred times - so, please feel free to
send your replies via private e-mail.  (and I will keep reading past

Thanks for your input.
mailto:email @ redacted
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