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[IP] Potassium

Thank you for the excellent explanation of potassium defiency.   So many of
the "symptoms" you mention have been a part of my life since I was a child,
and particularly after two pregnancies.  It was kind of spooky to read your
information.    Course the "irritability" has been such a part of my
personality for so long, I doubt if I could blame it on low Potassium, But I
shall certainly try in the future.....(Hey, my email address at my last
company where I worked for 10 years was "BRICH", given my by my good friends
in the Tech Group, cause they loved yelling it down the hall - -). Now,
about the Blackstrap Molasses, You said 

SNIP>>> One of the highest dietary sources of potassium is blackstrap
molasses. <<<SNIP

Does Sorghum count? 

I have to keep some on the shelf because there are some days every few
months, where I absolutely crave sorghum or Blackstrap.   I am embarrased to
admit as a southerner I don't know the difference....and my grandaddy used
to make it and sell it at his general store.  

Thank you again for your insightful input.   BTW, I just realized that since
I started taking potassium supplements again a month or so ago, I certainly
am much less irratible......wonder if there is a connection?     I take two
each 99mg at least once a day, sometimes two times a day.   
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
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