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[IP] Re: Potassium

Nick wrote:
>>>>Whenever your serum insulin level drops your cells start to starve. They
depend on insulin to get the food IN. If they don't get the food they start to
lose some of their normal function. One of the normal cellular functions, as I
have already said, is to keep the potassium in. When your serum insulin level
drops you lose potassium from inside your cells. When that happens you lose
the potassium in your urine and it is GONE. For that you need to take
potassium supplements.  >>>>

Then, when the kidneys are failing, that potassium stays in the bod (not peed
out) and that can cause a heart attack. I have a chart of high- medium- and
low-potassium foods if anyone would like it. E-mail me privately and I'll post
it to you. It works both ways - use the high amounts if you're low, the low
amounts if you're high. I have not yet been able (unwilling, actually) to give
up my beloved mashed potatoes. (~_^) YMMV  My kidneys are functioning at 18%,
therefore, I'm on a low-potassium diet. 8^((

BTW, I had no trouble giving up Kelp (most potassium) since I never started it
anyway. ;)

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