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[IP] Pump Survey

Hello!  I am currently doing a project for school, on why people use an 
insulin pump.  If possible can you please answer these questions on why you, 
or someone you know on insulin pump, thanks.

What is your name?

.  How old are you?

Do you think that someone has to be responsible when going on a pump?

What did you have to do before you went on the pump?  Ex: did you have to 
keep a record of your bg's for your doctor, prove that you could count carbs, 
or take classes for the pump, or diabetes related?

.  How long have you been on an insulin pump?

.  What made you decide to use a pump?

.  Has the pump help with decreasing the chance of complications from 

.  What has the pump allowed you to do now, that you weren't able to do when 
you were on injections?

.  Do you wish that you went on the pump soon?  

.  Has the pump help you get better control of your diabetes?

  Anything else you would like to say.

Thanks for your help, Kristin.  Please email me your replies at:   
email @ redacted  
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