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[IP] birth control-anti depressant?-stomach probs

Does anyone with diabetes have good experience wiht
birth control pills? I'm on them to get rid of ovarian
cysts which they are still treating with Vicodin, but
the birth control seems to have bad side effects. It's
my 2nd pack this time round, I did a pack in December
also, but I can't get in to see my doc for 2 more
weeks. I'm definitely moody and depressed most likely
from the meds and I was told I could stop them, but
that won't help the cysts which leaves me with
Vicodin..and I don't like having to take Vicodin... Is
any one on like an antidepressant to counteract side
effects from other drugs? 
Also, anyone else have upper abdominal pain, possibly
acid, but that does not respond to pepcid, prilosec,
or aciphex at all.?

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