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Re: [IP] Perscription Drugs - Diabetes - Pain - My Story

       I can certainly empathize with your story! I too am currently taking 
Neurontin along with many other prescribed meds.  Just recently, I had 
changed from taking Oxycontin to Ultram for the pain of my Neuropathy.  I 
didn't think much of coming off of the med but let me tell you, it really was 
a battle!! My poor husband and our roommates at the time, went through hell 
with me! No one told me there'd be any withdrawal.  They never said word one! 
The reason they changed me was because I had been on the Oxycontin for over a 
year and a half and had changed from seeing a civilian doctor to seeing one 
in the military.  When I had taken my last Oxycontin, I was really nervous 
that I'd be in a lot of pain. Well, thanks to the Ultram, I didn't really 
have any pain, but boy did I have withdrawal!!! My husband, just like your 
father, said he didn't know me anymore. He said that I acted like a crazy 
person! I kept telling him that I hated him and one time, I had tripped and 
as he was helping me up, I screamed that he had hurt me and I was going to 
call the police on him!! That really scared him and our roommates too. It's a 
good thing he had witnesses or things could have been REALLY bad!! So, 
getting back to your original problem, I concur, these drugs can really reek 
havoc on your life! I know that at the time, while taking them, I didn't 
think much of it. It's when you decide they aren't needed any more that they 
do devastatingly bad things to your physical and mental well-being!!
       I'm glad you are feeling better, as do I, and I hope that things 
continue to improve for you.
Take care, 

dx 10/1/81  (Florida)
Awaiting the arrival of my new pump, "Skippy"
Soon, very soon!!!!
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