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[IP] Re: MiniMed Paradigm - New Pump

I called MinMed. I told them about the concern being expressed in this

The person did not have much information.  I asked if it was available to
persons with other than MiniMed on order. The answer is no.

I asked if the 50X series was being discontinued. The person did not know.

I suggested that a chart for comparison between the 508 and the new pump on
a feature by feature basis would be helpful.

Personally, I encourage new developments and approaches.

The new pump may be better for some.  I think we should focus on getting
information from both MinMed and outside experts as well as expressing

So if you are concerned call, email or write MiniMed.  Maybe they would come
to an open chat group.

I don't think it takes 3000.  In marketing any feedback is viewed as
representing about 5% on the real concern.  Most of us do not take action.
I think a hundred contacts would get attention.

It is not necessary to spend time organizing. Just do it if this matters to
    _`\<,_   Irv
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