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Re: [IP] Fran's Story

>experience....I have some knowledge of how awful it was with addicts and
>alcoholics in the family...Detox is hell!

No joke!  I can't believe what I saw.  I can't believe people do this to 
themselves on their own.  A lot of the people that were there it wasn't 
their first time.  One guy couldn't believe I dumped all the stuff down the 
toilet.  He wanted to buy it from me.  I gave him a piece of my mind.  The 
first day was the most difficult and the rest of the time I just focused on 
what I could learn from the educators and visiting hours.  :-)

>Have you thought of a Pain Management Clinic when you are "cleaned out"?

That is actually why I went to the detox.  After many many phone calls, we 
found a pain management clinic, but the soonest I could get in was six 
weeks, it was also explained to me that the way I went about getting of off 
these meds was dangerous.  I was told if I went to detox I could probably 
get into the pain management clinic first or get back on all the drugs and 
wait.  I couldn't even think of getting back on any of the stuff after all 
Steve read to me.  No way, no how, so off to detox I went.  I went to the 
pain management yesterday and I got the feeling that they really know their 
drugs, and yes it probably would have been better if I could have waited, 
but I just couldn't.

>We are here for you, what can we do for you?

Keep being here for me, for I really need all the support I can get right 
now.  Thank you so much.

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