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Re: [IP] Perscription Drugs - Diabetes - Pain - My Story

>   Your story is a horrible one and unfortunately not an uncommon one.  In 
> the
>future, for you and anyone else out there reading this, the first call should
>be to a pharmacist, not your MD.

I have always been ultra sensitive to drugs, always in that 1% of rare side 
effects and I always tell my docs this.  I guess I should have told my 
pharmacist too.  The first time I got the prescription filled for the 
Oxycontin, the pharmacist did say that "this is good stuff".  He then went 
on to explain that there had been an article on Time magazine that talked 
about this drug and that most "addicts" like to get there hands on it and 
then melt the pills because it would give them such a great high.  I wish I 
could have clued in then, but oh well, no going back only forward.  I was 
skeptical about taking the drug, but did it anyway.  At least I didn't 
increase my dose as my doctor ordered or could be in even worse shape.  One 
of the drugs, we learned, interacts with Propulsid.  I still use Propulsid 
on a need be basis, but have not had the prescription filled in a year or 
so.  So I think the pharmacist doesn't have that one in his computer for me 
and didn't pick up on that.  What bothers me though, is I pointed this out 
to the doctor and I really point out that I am on Propulsid, for I know 
it's not a safe drug with other drugs, but this doc still gave me the 
Serazone, and this combo could have been deadly as well as all the other.

Before I ever take a new pill I will do research, per Steve!  :-)  and me 
for that matter for I never want to be here again.  We know our bodies 
better than anyone.  I also think pharmacist don't think taking pills is a 
big deal.  For them it's a living.  When all these prescriptions started 
crawling up in numbers I asked him several times "isn't this bad", oh no 
it's fine.  Well it's not for me yet could be fine for others.

>you in that position and if I were your husband or father I would be mad as

We are.  :-)  It was interesting, dad is taking some meds for his heart and 
cholesterol.  He was talking about how he had lost his sense of smell and 
he attributed it to old age and using all these glues to build his 
airplanes.  Well, he looked up the meds he was taking and one of them in 
the "rare" side effects was loss of smell.  <sigh>

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