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Re: [IP] Perscription Drugs - Diabetes - Pain - My Story


  Your story is a horrible one and unfortunately not an uncommon one.  In the 
future, for you and anyone else out there reading this, the first call should 
be to a pharmacist, not your MD.  I'm sorry to say this but the docs know 
what the drugs are suppose to do for your but they usually don't have a clue 
to what side affects, if any or drug interactions they might have.  And in 
today's society, what with HMOs taking over the  medical field, doctors don't 
have the time, or don't bother taking the time to review a patient's record 
to see for themselves what they are already taking.  So Ask a Pharmacist.  
That is part of their training to know ALL about each drug.  And if not they 
have access to that information at their fingertips!

  Fran, I wish you didn't have to go through this horrible ordeal but I am 
glad and grateful that you chose to share your story with all of us.  
Continue to fight for your rights and get mad at your docs.  They had your 
life in their hands and almost caused you to die.  They should never had put 
you in that position and if I were your husband or father I would be mad as 

mom to Joshua
Poulsbo, WA
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