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Re: [IP] Perscription Drugs - Diabetes - Pain - My Story

I believe it is a YMMV thing. I take neurontin,phenobarital and klonopin for
seizures and am on oxycontin for
severe chronic pain. neurontin cannot just be stopped but so cannot other
meds. One cannot just stop inderal but that doesn't mean one is "addicted"
to it.
I am sorry people don't have a doctor who knows about medications but
certain pain problems cannot be helped by other alternative methods or other
My father in law was denied pain relief via morphine when he was dying from
cancer because a doctor was afraid my fil would become addicted(????) from
the time his cancer caused him such severe pain to the time he died was 3
weeks full of such pain he couldn't even think and his fists were clenched
so tight they were white.
My health problem cannot be fixed and the pain so severe i cannot function
without pain medication. My medical team tried everything but oxycontin was
the medication that worked. eventually I will be on morphine, I cannot be
cured so I will be on these meds the rest of my life but so what?
As  for neurontin it should be common knowledge that one cannot stop cold
but a taper down is needed but it isn't addictive.
It has to be hard to be taken off medications improperly and that is a lot
to go through.
In ending we need to respect each individual's situation and not make
statements. I am so very thankful I have my medications to help me with my
problems and a medical team that knows what they are doing.
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