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Subject: [IP] Novalog

I talked with our Novo-Nordisc rep about Novalog a few months ago, and they
still didn't have a release date at that time.  In a recent (last 2-3
months) Diabetes Care Journal (ADA's journal for health professionals) there
were 2 studies done with the Novalog in pumps, with virtually identical
profiles to Humalog.  Novo's products generally are not cheaper than
Lilly's, so I wouldn't count on it being less expensive.  And, it is not
chemically identical to Humalog, so it wouldn't be considered a generic of
Humalog anyways.

I am kind of looking forward to having Jenna try the Novalog.  They are the
makers of Velosulin - which Jenna mixes with her Humalog to make sites last.
I'm hoping that whatever buffer they use in the Velosulin just might be in
the Novalog (though our rep couldn't tell me).  Or, maybe the slight
differences will mean she doesn't get the site deterioration like she does
with Humalog.  It's not a super-pain to use the Velosulin / Humalog mix, but
there is a slower "peak" after meals, and a bit of a "tail" to the mix, that
isn't there with just plain Humalog.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 11.9, dx'ed 2/98, pumping 9/98, and Scott,
age 13
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