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[IP] update on my coffee problems& other stuff (long)

Today I had an appointment with a diabetes resource center in Peoria Illinois.  They seemed real nice there.  The dietician and the RN I will be seeing are both on a pump.  The dietician said the coffee wasn't or isn't the problem. She thinks my basal rates are no longer correct for whatever reason.  We will be working on that the next few days/weeks.  I am going to the center because my A1c are not good.  Pre pump it was 13.9, 3 months later 9.6 and in Feb. it was back up to 11.3.  I am greatly discouraged.  If I have to be diabetic one more minute I think I will scream.  The weight gain thing is a real issue for me.  I'm sure I border on an eating disorder or something.  Normally when I would start to gain weight I would start to skimp on my insulin doses until I lost the weight.  Not a good idea....I know.  But I haven't skimped on anything since the end of January.  I'm taking it one day at a time.  I'm not even thin.  I'm 5'11 and weigh 214 (since a 17 lb gain.)I start to!
 panic once I hit 200 and go completely insane.  I'm having complications and have 3 small children so I'm working as hard as I can, it just seems so very hard at times.  I would like to thank everyone who responded to me in regards to the coffee thing and my site infection.  Thanks.
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