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Subject: [IP] three cheers for Velosulin

Jenna has been using the Velosulin / Humalog mix for over 2 years now.  I
used to make up 3 cartridges at a time, and put 2 into the 'fridge for later
use.  It seemed to me (absolutely no scientific study here) that the third
cartridge, which had been mixed the longest, always seemed to peak a little
later and have more of a "tail" 4 to 5 hours later.  Just a gut impression.
But, I quit mixing like that, and mix one at a time.  I would be interested
to hear, if you try the save-it-in-a-bottle approach, if you notice that the
H doesn't peak as soon, and the insulin acts more like R.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 11.9, dx'ed 2/98, pumping 9/98, and Scott,
age 13
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