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[IP] Re:big school meeting tomorrow

In a message dated 3/12/01 12:05:58 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Greetings fellow pumpers:
> Tomorrow is our big day -- I have a major meeting Re: Lauren's D care at
> school and I have to say, that sage, well written tale by the mom of the
> girl who "Fell of the wagon" came at the perfect time. I now realize that
> the answer to Lauren's school not knowing pump stuff is NOT to let Lauren
> take in on herself (as she wants). She simply MUST have a grown up
> overseeing and being responsible for her D not only at home but also at
> school. I was thinking, "She's so good and so smart, maybe I will just let
> her do it." Now I say NO! The school must train someone and have them be
> available to Lauren (in her classroom, not in the nurse's office two floors
> and a long ways away) All the time! I'm so thankful for that jarring story
> to make me realize this. Will make my fight easier to understand. I just
> hope they HEAR me. I'm heading in armed with my rights, some knowledge and
> DETERMINATION for my little girl! :-) Wish me luck!!!
> Moira
> Mom of Lauren, 9
> a "Poster child" whose mom needs to give a break!!

Good Luck!!!!!  This is awesome that you are doing this.  It is very 
important that you make sure you are getting just what you need from the 
school & teachers.  Every year I educate the new teacher & her teachers aide. 
 We have a meeting just before school starts with the teacher, aide, school 
nurse & district school nurse.  I have two pages of instructions for the 
teacher.  I have also educated the playground teachers & lunch room monitors. 
 I always have someone in the lunch room that makes sure Ashley eats exactly 
what she is supposed to.  Our big problem is she is always in a hurry to get 
to the playground & doesn't get enough carbs.  So then she is low & ends up 
in the office.  I am sure once Ashley is on a pump then we will have a whole 
new set of instructions & I will have to educate them all over again.  Which 
is fine with me.  They have all been awesome!!!  
Take care & Good luck again
  Kim...........Mom of Ashley(diabetic for 5 years & not pumping yet)
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