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[IP] three cheers for Velosulin

Well, I took the challenge and it is paying off!   

 My sites didn't last long, reddening around the site and along the site of
the cannula about the size of a silver dollar, and left a hard knot which
took 4-5 days to go away.  It never hurt, sites worked,  until they didn't
(never longer than 3 days!).    

A couple of years ago I tried Velosulin, against my Doctor's advice, but for
some reason didn't stay up with it.  Now my doc may still be against it and
refuse to write me a Rx for it, but I am going to keep using it.  Without a
Rx from Doc, insurance doesn't cover it, but one bottle (Aprox $36.00) will
last a long time.  BEST OF ALL -  IT WORKS!!  I mix 1-5, use the first three
marks of my reservoir filled up with Velosulin, then fill the rest up with
Humalog.   I pull back a bit to get a bubble and roll it up and down to mix,
gently push out the bubble and then pop it in the MM pump.   And for three
weeks now, no redness, no hard knots and not a single bad site, and I
accidentally left one in more than 3 days.  

Good reason for a donation!

Now, for all you mixers, I have a question.  Your opinions and/or experience
would be appreciated. 

When it is time to change sets, I usually have a little bit left in the
reservoir.  I took an freshly emptied bottle of Humalog, marked it with a
"V" and put my left over Velosulin/Humalog mixed insulin into that specially
marked bottle.  I have always put my unused Humalog back in the bottle with
never an ill effect.   I figure in a few more weeks, I will have enough in
the leftover bottle to have a premixed batch ready to go.   Any reason why I
shouldn't???  Other that "at my own risk" stuff. 

Thanks in advance for your feedback.  
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 

Bonnie Richardson
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