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[IP] Huh?

 SNIP>>>>>>>>>>.Hence a pumper using the 511 will
be able to use only these sets, and these sets can only be used with a
511.  These "small" changes will increase MiniMed's profits
considerably, and place restrictions on current users using larger total
daily doses.  For example, a pumper who uses 51 units or more per day
will be forced to change the reservoir and infusion set every two days
to avoid running out on the third day. Rather than three or four days of
infusion set use which is common, these pumpers and their insurers will
be forced to begin paying an extra 150% to 200% for sets and reservoirs
if they want the new pump.<<<<<<<<<<<SNIP

IF, and it is a big IF in my opinion, IF, the above statement from the
article turns out to be a fact, only using prefilled cartridges, Disetronics
and Animas will be my next choices, definitely not MM.  Whatever happened to
giving the consumer what they wanted...????  This is a stupid change.  Glad
I upgraded 4 months ago to a 508 and hope it lasts a good long time. 

And you know what else, I like the clicking, that is very quiet, and tells
me for sure that the pump is working properly. Is there anything behind
these changes but the money?   I don't think so.....

Bonnie Richardson
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