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Re: [IP] Problems wearing pump

Very COOL! I'm off to Wally world for a couple of those puppies!

How is the D-TRON treating you? I'm shopping at upgrades for next year.

But that will come in handy, too, for the wee glucose sensors maybe? I'm off
to check tonight.

Jenny Sutherland
----- Original Message -----
From: "Lisa B. Gogan"
> We tried the cell phone case and it's not bad just a bit bigger than
> needed, however, the other day I found a case at Walmart which fits the
> Dtron perfectly.  It doesn't say what type of case it is, but, I found
> it on the eyeglass rack near the jewlery counter.  It may be for a small
> cell phone, but, it was hanging by a cardboard holder and nothing
> written on it indicated was it was used for.   It has a belt loop so you
> can wear it on your belt or a clip that could be hung from a belt loop.
> It comes in red, black and royal blue and cost $3.94.
> Hope this helps.
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