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[IP] Emily's Glucowatch study

Just to report on E's weekend.

She spent 15+ hours in a clinic wearing 3 glucowatches.  One on her leg
(thigh) and two on her arm, upper and lower.  Others wore it on their
torso, front , back, and abdomen.

She pricked her finger each hour for 15 hours.  She was never above 230 or
below 70.  Most reading were in the 80s.  All in all, her numbers were
better than I have ever seen them.

It has an adhesive pad and a strap to keep it in one spot.  It must stay
affixed to the skin to keep working.  There is a 3 hour warm up and then a
12 hour run time.  It can "skip" as much as 6 readings and then it shuts
off.  It will do this if it becomes separated from the skin or one sweats.
BG must be under 279 to initialize and calibrate the watch.  It takes
reading every 10 min.  And displays a running 20 min average.  There is a
17-18 min lag time in the reading.   All 3 of E's stayed on and working for
the duration.

The watch has a tingling sensation but was not an irritant.  We did not get
to see any numbers from the watch.  I did not see any kids that had
reactions to the pads.  This has been a concern in other studies.  I
suspect that it has been reactions to the adhesive, just as in pump

There were 13 kids from 7-17yrs and they all were in the same clinic all
day.  There were only a few hovering parents that stayed, myself included.
Some kids were diagnosed as recently as 2 months ago.  There was smattering
of pumpers of mixed ages.

There was a Endocrinologist there the whole day and it was a treat to be
able to just sit and talk for extended periods with him.  We usually only
get 5-10 min every three months.  Also the VP of R&D from Cygnus stopped by
to see how things were going and we had a long talk.  As well as the ,I
think, Director of Research.

None of the kids had any hesitation in doing the many finger pricks.  They
behaved as if they were painless, which they are NOT.

Can't wait to get this device.  It will drastically alter our routine.  And
probably greatly improve E's control.

Curtis Lomax
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